Roof Renovation/Remodeling

After installing a roof, you will eventually renovate it to fix the problems down the road. For instance, your roof can grow old to a point where it’s not watertight any longer because of damage and material fatigue. If you buy a new residential or commercial building, you may need roof remodeling to ensure the roofing system’s integrity.

Essentially, more extension measures and extensive conversion are necessary, especially when one generation hands down the building to another. At the Lexington Roofing Company, we offer quality roof remodeling services as part of upgrading commercial and residential properties in visual, energy, and technical terms. Our roof renovation services ensure the long-term protection of commercial and residential buildings.

Why You Need Our Roof Remodeling Services

A residential or commercial roof might require remodeling for varied reasons, but visual and technical aspects also play a role. You may need our roof renovation services for the following reasons.

  • Thermal or energy renovation to save on cooling costs and utility bills.
  • Roof repair due to age-related damages like leaks
  • Development and conversion of your attic to extend your living space
  • Photovoltaic system or solar installation
  • Physical defects removal due to consequential damage caused by incorrect execution or insufficient planning
  • Extreme weather damage like excessive hail, storm, or snow loads
  • A visual renovation like when renovating the entire building

Our crew will listen to your roof remodeling needs to provide services to enable you to achieve your project goals.

Lexington Roofers Near Me: Professional Roof Renovation Services

We’re a professional team that wants you to achieve excellent results from your roof renovation project. We offer different roof remodeling materials from which our clients choose their preferred options. Each roofing material has its merits and demerits, and our roofers will discuss them with you before they start working on your project.

Your house style can also affect how a specific roof will look upon installation. The roofing system takes up a significant part of your building’s exterior appearance. Therefore, consider different aspects of your roofing system before you start working on the renovation project.

With our experts’ assistance, you can choose from light roofs, neutral roofs, or match the roofing with siding colors. A light-colored roof can pair well with a light-colored siding, especially on a small home. That way, your tiny house can appear more prominent. A light roof can also reflect sunlight to keep the home cool during hot weather.

Neutral roofs come in grey and tan colors but can be dark or light. For instance, if you have blue siding, you can install a roof with a grey tone to complement it. A grey roof and blue siding form a classic combination. Lighter grey roofs create a coastal, breezy feel, while darker grey roofs feel earthly and warm.

If you pair cools and warms, you compliment the siding and roof colors instead of matching them. Pairing cool-toned roofing and warm-toned siding create a balanced appearance.

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