Metal Roofs

Every year, property owners get more reasons to install metal roofs on their buildings. The Lexington Roofing Company offers quality metal roof services, including installation, repair, and replacement. Our metal roofs come with numerous benefits, including durability and aesthetic value.

If searching for phrases like “best metal roofing company near me” online because you have a building on which you want to install it, contact us now. We’re a professional roofing company that will help you select the best metal roof for your building.

Why Property Owners Love Metal Roofs?

Metal roofs are low maintenance, fireproof, and durable. Metal roof installation is relatively an easy process, and they are available in different designs. That means you can easily find a metal roof design that suits your property. What’s more, the reflective property of metal roofing ensures that sun rays don’t penetrate a house. And this lowers cooling costs and utility bills. Additionally, people love metal roofs due to their longevity and high safety ratings.

At the Lexington Roofing Company, we install and repair different types of metal roofs. These roofs come with varying patterns of design to suit various buildings. If unsure about the best metal roof for your residential or commercial property, our crew can help you.

Among the metal roofs we work with include:

  • Metal shingles: These metal roofs look like standard asphalt shingles. However, they come with the benefits of metal roofs.
  • Standing seam panels: Roof manufacturers can make this metal roofing using aluminum, stainless steel, or copper pressed into the flat sheets with a raised seam joining them together.
  • Corrugated metal roof: This roofing uses galvanized steel to enhance the curb appeal.

Other popular metal roof options include:

  • Pre-painted modular press-formed panels.
  • Vertical seam panels.
  • Granular-coated modular press-formed systems.

Lexington Roofers Near Me: Residential and Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors

Metal roofs are among the popular roofing options for residential and commercial properties. That’s because of the durability and aesthetic qualities of metal roofs. Our roofing contractors possess the necessary skills and experience to install a metal roof on your residential or commercial property. We train our metal roofers extensively before they start installing roofing systems on our clients’ properties.

Ideally, you get a highly trained team with vast hands-on experience installing your metal roof once you enlist our service. That means we guarantee you high-quality craftsmanship with every metal roof installation job. With us, you get perfect edges, smooth lines, and a flawless finish. If looking for the best metal roof contractors for your residential or commercial property, talk to Lexington Roofing Company now.

Request Your Metal Roof Estimate Now!

Maybe you want to install a metal roof but want a free estimate first. Well, installing a metal roofing system is expensive compared to other materials. However, this roofing system comes with numerous benefits down the road, like longevity and energy savings. Ideally, you will go for many years before hiring us for metal roof replacement once you hire us to install it for you.

If looking for a free metal roofing estimate, contact the Lexington Roofing Company now!