Roof Coating Services

In addition to installing, repairing, and replacing commercial roofs, Lexington Roofing Company offers roof coating services. We install silicone, acrylic, or any other roof coating to extend the roof’s lifespan. That means your commercial roof will last longer without requiring you to replace it once you hire us to coat it.

Nevertheless, your commercial roof needs proper installation to give you maximum returns on your investment in our roof coating service. Our crew has been offering commercial roof coating services for years. That means we’re experts in the installation of elastomeric coatings or rubber roofs on commercial buildings.

Each commercial building has a unique roof. Whether it’s an aging metal roof, asphalt-based roof, or a rubber roof, our experts can design its coating system. If you have a roof whose warranty is almost expiring, our crew can create its coating system to add up to 25 years on no dollar limit guarantee coverage from the manufacturer. And this guarantee covers materials and labor. So, stop searching for phrases like “commercial roof coating near me” online and contact us now.

How We Install Commercial Roof Coatings

We know what works best for different roofs after being in the roofing industry for years, offering superior roof coating services. Here are the steps of installing a coating on a commercial roof.

  • Roof inspection: We start by inspecting your commercial roof to determine its condition. And you don’t pay anything for the initial roof inspection.
  • Roof repair: Commercial roof inspection might reveal some defects with your system. In that case, we specify the necessary maintenance with coating specifications. You will receive a formal contract, including the work scope, before we start working on your roof.
  • Cleaning: Roof coating requires a clean surface. Therefore, our technicians will pressure-wash your roof to ensure the success of the project.
  • Application: We can brush, roll, or spray the roof coating, depending on the job size.

We install roof coatings that are highly resistant to moisture and heat. What’s more, the roof coating we install will last longer, renew your worn and weathered rooftop. It will also protect your commercial roof from future damage.

Lexington Roofers Near Me: Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings

At the Lexington Roofing Company, we install roof coatings that come with several benefits. Our technicians will explain the benefits of different commercial roof coatings. Here’s how you will benefit from our commercial roof coatings.

  • Reflective: We can install a roof coating in a silver or white color. That means your roof will reflect sun rays, making your building and the roof cooler.
  • Durable: Commercial roof coating can also enhance protection against the elements, thereby improving your roofing system’s durability.
  • Cost-effective: Quality commercial roof coating can eliminate disposal costs, tear-off costs, and new insulation costs.
  • Eco-friendliness: When you use commercial roof coatings to extend your roofing system’s lifespan, you minimize the waste amount to the landfills.

Not every commercial roof is eligible for coating. However, don’t wait until the only option you have is replacing your roof. Instead, consult the Lexington Roofing Company to find out whether your commercial roof is eligible for coating.